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Rockwell Hardness Testing

Rockwell Hardness Testing

Berichtdoor Kwakster op 31 jan 2009, 17:08

Quality knives are tested for "hardness".
The Rockwell Test is a simple process of indenting a heat-treated blade with a tip known as the Brale diamond point under a load of 150 kilograms.
The reading is taken off the "C" scale and used to determine the blade's hardness, in other words, if the blade was heat-treated properly.
When a blade is heat-treated properly it will provide superior edge life and a relatively responsive attitude toward efforts at edge restoration.

It has been determined that different steel alloys will not perform the same with the same rockwell hardness.
Steel hardening is not an exact science and takes years of trial and error to get a particular steel alloy hardened properly to perform optimally in its intended role.

Most of the known alloys which have been used for years as blade steels are known to perform best at certain rockwell hardness ratings through trial and error by the makers.
The importance of the user input can not be diminished, as the customers are the people ultimately whom judge blade steels by their performance.
They either continue to want or disregard certain steels dependent upon their own criteria.

You should not make decisions about which knife you purchase by the listed rockwell rating alone.
Some people believe that the higher the rockwell hardness the tougher the knife will be, however this is not always true and the uninformed buyer can be left holding a knife that is too brittle due to an extremely high rockwell for that particular steel alloy.

Most of the today's commercial enterprises and manufacturers sell knives that will be properly hardened for the alloy used.
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